Social Networking is King

Seriously, if you have a brand, you should be writing about it at least a few times per week. Don’t forget about Linked In, it’s a very powerful site, and I believe I heard the company is going public. Get your profile up there, and make sure it’s seen by at least one person each day.

In the past, networking in person was the real deal. It still is, if you have the time and the funds for it. BNI, chamber meetings, golf, it’s all good. But in their absence, you can join groups online, and choose Meetup groups that keep you learning, and sharing with others who may be interested in doing business with you.

If you need help with blogging, there are resources out there. Free images, affirmations to share, and news people can use. Give your assistance to others, don’t think of it as a sales space, think of it as a place to give to others, so they will get to know your talents and your caring. What you give always comes back to you.