Soaring Above Your Competition

What can be better than a day at the beach? Sun, sand, waves, a good book and lots of products to keep you safe from the sun. When I look at the people around me I see some being protected from the sun under umbrellas while others may be wearing hats. Over all though most people just enjoy soaking in the sun and who blames them? It just feels great!As much as I enjoy watching people walk by me at the beach I enjoy seeing children of all ages play ball, or build sand castles with their shovels and buckets. The thing I enjoy most is seeing the kite that flies high above the entire beach. Yes, I know I am not the only person who can see this kite riding the wind.

Height does create an advantage. Have you ever been at the beach and watched a single plane carry a sign banner as a tail? Usually the message is short. But just think about the impact of that message. What do people do most often at the beach? Yes, that’s right. Just watch. When you have a certain things up in the air can you ignore it?

Next time you want to be creative with getting your message out or giving out gifts to clients or potential clients think about the kite. It’s not necessarily the height of the kite but rather how many people you impact that see your message.