May Flowers Bring Pilgrims

This weather is great! Yes, we earned it this year, but I am excited that I can go outside and see the blooming trees and flowers, and soon we’ll have fabulous organic vegetables at Stearns Farm (plug for my favorite in Framingham!) and lots of other places.

As more people go outside, you have an opportunity to reach them with your message! Whether it be at a trade show, where you’ll choose to give away pens, squeezy-brains, mints, post-it notes or keychains with your logo and web site, school fundraiser, or perhaps at a Farmer’s Market, where your banner will hang and your flyers can be gobbled up, in between samples of fresh raspberry jam.

In any event, don’t forget to get the message out NOW, while people are in a mood to meet you, like Pilgrims heading out to the new world. Once Summer hits, it’s going to be beach time. Then of course comes the back-to-school frenzy, and then it’s the holidays and time to hibernate again for winter.

Sorry if I’m oversimplifying and taking the joy out of life, that’s not the intention here. Just to make the most of an opportunity. Talk to us about growing your image and your business!