Dauphinais Concrete

Dauphinais_3This company had an existing business and they wanted to bring back to life another business – one that the family name was once well-known for. We worked with a concept that the owners had in mind when we created the logo and also during the design phase of each piece. Our job here was to listen to what the customer wanted to resurrect, to use the old photos they provided, and to create a design that was what they were hoping to see. Because we had been working with them already, we understood their personalities and knew what they were looking for. What we designed was just what they were looking for on the very first round!

We designed the logo, developed and provided the mailing pieces, created all of the stationery & business forms and designed their Ads. We tied-in all of their marketing materials, made them look good and allowed them to concentrate on what they know best – concrete!

Part of this client’s plan included logo design, art services, promotional items and all of the paper printing including; the business cards, letterhead & envelopes, postcards and business forms.

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