Catch of the Day

Summer time is the best season to relax and spend time with friends and family. For some folks, this season is best for alone time. For some time now you have your eye on the perfect location. You know it is the prime location for the most coveted catch. An isolated area a few miles for your hometown that only a few people know about. In fact, you only found out about it from a good friend.

On that sacred day you leave your home early looking forward to a successful day. After a short drive you arrive at your destination. The perfect spot awaits you. After settling in with all your gear time starts to drift. Minutes turn into hours.

After half a day goes by you decide to pack up and head home. On the way you notice that your car is low on gas and decide to head in to the local gas station to fill up. While filling up a car passes by and someone asks: “Hey, are you from this area?” “Yes” I said politely. “Great! I’m trying to find the location of a property I just purchased. It’s off of Windy Down Way. Unfortunately my GPS wont pick it up”. I started chuckling. “Of course not. It’s not in a developed area”. I grabbed a pen and paper from my vehicle and proceeded to draw him a map. When I completed the drawing I started to explain the directions with my pen in my hand. He looked at the pen and said: “ I see your in construction. Do you work for Sanfords Construction?” I guess he was looking at the company information on the pens I just ordered. “Why do you ask?” I said. “Well, we just moved to the area and we bought 14 acres not too far from here at that location. I did my own designs and looking for a contractor who can help me get my plans built. Can you put me in touch with the owner?”

You’re looking at him” I said with a big smile” That day turned out to be the largest catch I have had in many summers. Oh, and that customer turned out to be a pretty good fishing buddy as well…