Captain of Capture

capture_1“The Captain of Capture flies in, makes children smile, makes parent’s hearts melt, and makes profits for pre-schools!”

We began our journey with this client by creating a marketing outline with several concepts for branding. The marketing outline also included; where, when and how to market the business – in layman’s terms, so he could implement the plan himself if he wanted to. We went to work creating the image of the Captain for him once he chose to go with the “Captain of Capture” concept – one of the choices in the marketing outline.

Our research told us what his potential customers were looking for, so we were sure to answer the – what’s in it for me? question. For the design, we created an appropriate look that spoke to someone who consistently deals with young children (a fun looking piece done in primary colors).
Over the years, we have developed mailing lists and have done periodic mailings for this customer, along with designing and providing all of his marketing materials, stationery, clothing and Ad designs for trade magazines.

This children’s photography business is now solidly branded in a fun way that clearly speaks to both his primary and secondary audiences. He is able to spend his time doing what he loves to do and he’s not struggling with marketing his business.

capture_2Part of his plan included marketing services, logo design, art services, custom pens, embroidered shirts & hats, and all of the flat print including; the business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards and stickers.