Catch of the Day

FishingSummer time is the best season to relax and spend time with friends and family. For some folks, this season is best for alone time. For some time now you have your eye on the perfect location. You know it is the prime location for the most coveted catch. An isolated area a few miles for your hometown that only a few people know about. In fact, you only found out about it from a good friend.

On that sacred day you leave your home early looking forward to a successful day. After a short drive you arrive at your destination. The perfect spot awaits you. After settling in with all your gear time starts to drift. Minutes turn into hours.

After half a day goes by you decide to pack up and head home. On the way you notice that your car is low on gas and decide to head in to the local gas station to fill up. While filling up a car passes by and someone asks: “Hey, are you from this area?” “Yes” I said politely. “Great! I’m trying to find the location of a property I just purchased. It’s off of Windy Down Way. Unfortunately my GPS wont pick it up”. I started chuckling. “Of course not. It’s not in a developed area”. I grabbed a pen and paper from my vehicle and proceeded to draw him a map. When I completed the drawing I started to explain the directions with my pen in my hand. He looked at the pen and said: “ I see your in construction. Do you work for Sanfords Construction?” I guess he was looking at the company information on the pens I just ordered. “Why do you ask?” I said. “Well, we just moved to the area and we bought 14 acres not too far from here at that location. I did my own designs and looking for a contractor who can help me get my plans built. Can you put me in touch with the owner?”

You’re looking at him” I said with a big smile” That day turned out to be the largest catch I have had in many summers. Oh, and that customer turned out to be a pretty good fishing buddy as well…

Advertising Shelf Life

Advertising Your BusinessThere are so many ways to promote your brand these days. Online, print, radio, television, outdoor, sponsorship, and of course premiums, otherwise known as logo merchandise, are just a few.

Whatever methods you choose, be aware that some will last a long time, and others will expire quickly. TV and radio are exciting, because the medium has a lot in common with life itself. But it’s also the quickest to dissipate, and generally the most expensive, both in terms of production and media buying. Print historically was nice, but these days, many people are too busy to read, and because newsprint costs so much, periodicals tend to have a higher ratio of ads, so yours could get lost.

Outdoor and sponsorship are hard to measure, and can be expensive in terms of outlay, but they can be a lot of fun and rewarding. Perhaps I am biased, but it seems to me that logoware that may be best of all. It’s something you can enjoy, along with your friends, family and employees. It lasts a long time, which is important to getting a return on your investment. And best of all, it reminds your clients and prospects of your company, in their office, their homes, on the golf course, and on the road, sometimes creating conversations with people who may be unfamiliar with your brand.

There are so many products to put your logo on, it’s hard to choose. That’s why having an expert is important. Someone who knows you and your business, as well as the products available, and how to serve your needs. Get your business the promotion it needs, and enjoy doing it, for the least amount of money and stress, and with the longest shelf life you can. That will serve your business well.

Social Networking is King

Social NetworkingSeriously, if you have a brand, you should be writing about it at least a few times per week. Don’t forget about Linked In, it’s a very powerful site, and I believe I heard the company is going public. Get your profile up there, and make sure it’s seen by at least one person each day.

In the past, networking in person was the real deal. It still is, if you have the time and the funds for it. BNI, chamber meetings, golf, it’s all good. But in their absence, you can join groups online, and choose Meetup groups that keep you learning, and sharing with others who may be interested in doing business with you.

If you need help with blogging, there are resources out there. Free images, affirmations to share, and news people can use. Give your assistance to others, don’t think of it as a sales space, think of it as a place to give to others, so they will get to know your talents and your caring. What you give always comes back to you.

The Colors of Spring

Colors of SpringWe see so many more colors this time of year. Red and yellow and white and pink and purple and green flowers and trees and grass and birds are begging us to go outside.

Have you been spending more time outdoors? Being outdoors is not just walking to the car and from the car, but taking long strolls along tree-lined streets. Rediscovering ponds, parks, zoos, playgrounds and bike paths. Playing some golf, tennis, baseball or soccer, and of course watching the kids’ games.

Yes, the evenings can still be chilly, but we are far away from one quarter ago, when we were barraged by snow and more snow, which only gave us white and then dull grey!

No matter what your situation–job seeker, harried mother, executive, or retiree, Spring is a time to appreciate nature, and to immerse yourself in it, and share it with someone you care about. Get those picnic baskets, lawn chairs and sun shades ready–Summer’s almost here!

May Flowers Bring Pilgrims

Promote Your Business LogoThis weather is great! Yes, we earned it this year, but I am excited that I can go outside and see the blooming trees and flowers, and soon we’ll have fabulous organic vegetables at Stearns Farm (plug for my favorite in Framingham!) and lots of other places.

As more people go outside, you have an opportunity to reach them with your message! Whether it be at a trade show, where you’ll choose to give away pens, squeezy-brains, mints, post-it notes or keychains with your logo and web site, school fundraiser, or perhaps at a Farmer’s Market, where your banner will hang and your flyers can be gobbled up, in between samples of fresh raspberry jam.

In any event, don’t forget to get the message out NOW, while people are in a mood to meet you, like Pilgrims heading out to the new world. Once Summer hits, it’s going to be beach time. Then of course comes the back-to-school frenzy, and then it’s the holidays and time to hibernate again for winter.

Sorry if I’m oversimplifying and taking the joy out of life, that’s not the intention here. Just to make the most of an opportunity. Talk to us about growing your image and your business!

When the Chips are Down

Attitude is a DecisionNow that the Red Sox are back to their winning ways, it’s easy to see that they had the talent after all, and that it was not necessary to panic. But when you are going through a slump, whether you are in the game, or watching it, it’s no fun.

My experience is that good friends can pick me up, and get me out of my slump much faster. I have a couple of friends that know me, and can listen to me without judgement. Then, if I ask them, they might say: “Sounds to me like you are doubting yourself—but you absolutely have the talent and the caring to make it work, you just need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and expect things to improve.”

Sure enough, it works every time. What we put out to the world, comes back to us. If I believe it’s going to be another crummy day, then I will be grouchy, and miss opportunities to win, as well as get reflections of my poor attitude from other people.

The hardest part is remembering we are not alone. Who do you have in your life that you can confide in, and who you trust to be honest with you, give you advice, and help pick you up when you are down? It could be a sibling, parent, best friend, or perhaps someone from church.

When the chips are down, things look bleak. But as the saying on my cork board goes, “This too shall pass.” Get back in the game with both your life and your business and go make them happy and prosperous. You can do it.

Are You Selling Or Are You Serving People?

Four Spiritual Laws of ProsperityI am now reading a fantastic book entitled The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, by Edwene Gaines. My reason for reading it was simple: I work hard, but I have not been able to make a lot of money, and improve my net worth. This book claims to be “A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance,” and I’m starting to believe!

The four laws are Tithing, Goal-setting, Forgiveness, and Divine Purpose. The author has a lot to say about these, and some concrete steps for each. I am about halfway through the book, and already I see results. I am so excited to understand what the most successful people seem to know either intuitively, or as as result of their experience and reading.

I think the biggest lesson I have taken so far, is that I’m not here to sell something for money, but rather to serve people. Yes, I offer a service, and it’s a valuable one, but it’s the spirit with which I communicate that matters. I have a smile on my face because I want to bring positive energy to everyone I meet. If they are too busy, I understand. If they have a need, it’s my job to find out what it is, and see if there’s a way to fulfill that need and get paid for it.

As you consider your sales week, think about how your clients and prospects sense your attitude, and your commitment to them. It could make a difference. And by all means, pick up the book–it’s a winner!

Soaring Above Your Competition

kiteWhat can be better than a day at the beach? Sun, sand, waves, a good book and lots of products to keep you safe from the sun. When I look at the people around me I see some being protected from the sun under umbrellas while others may be wearing hats. Over all though most people just enjoy soaking in the sun and who blames them? It just feels great!As much as I enjoy watching people walk by me at the beach I enjoy seeing children of all ages play ball, or build sand castles with their shovels and buckets. The thing I enjoy most is seeing the kite that flies high above the entire beach. Yes, I know I am not the only person who can see this kite riding the wind.

Height does create an advantage. Have you ever been at the beach and watched a single plane carry a sign banner as a tail? Usually the message is short. But just think about the impact of that message. What do people do most often at the beach? Yes, that’s right. Just watch. When you have a certain things up in the air can you ignore it?

Next time you want to be creative with getting your message out or giving out gifts to clients or potential clients think about the kite. It’s not necessarily the height of the kite but rather how many people you impact that see your message.

Happy Tails Doggie Day Care

“Because Dogs Need Friends Too!”

Happy Tails

This client had just left the VP position at a large leasing company to start her own business, when she contacted us for some custom imprinted Frisbees to give out at the local dog park. She thought we were going to ask the usual questions for a promotional product order (what color, how many, by when?) and even stated on the phone that she didn’t need anything else but the Frisbees.

By the end of our first meeting, she contracted with us to design her logo, to research for an appropriate mailing piece, to design all of the signage and to quote on those Frisbees! We ended up designing/providing all of the above and worked with her developing the tag line too.

The postcard piece shown here was designed to be her mailing piece, business card and brochure all in one. She ended up accomplishing her one year goals for growth and clientele in just three months, all due to overwhelming response from her initial marketing piece! We made her look good and made the job of marketing easy for her, which in turn, enabled her to quickly turn a profit!

Part of this client’s plan included logo design, art services, promotional magnets, postcards, imprinted Frisbees, banners & signs as well as mailing services.

Happy Tails  Happy Tails  Happy Tails

Court Reporting Management Services

Court ReportingThis client came to us for a new logo and a professional looking brochure. Like a lot of successful small businesses, they had begun by creating their own materials, but now it was time to present themselves in new light — one that would clearly show potential customers that they knew what they were doing and were successful doing it.

Since we began working together, we’ve created the new logo, designed and provided the marketing materials and Ads for trade magazines. We’ve also provided trade show giveaways and the signage that’s easily transportable and simple to set-up.

Part of this client’s plan included logo design, art services, trade show promotional products and all of the paper printing including; the business cards, brochures & stationery.

Court Reporting