Are You Selling Or Are You Serving People?

I am now reading a fantastic book entitled The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, by Edwene Gaines. My reason for reading it was simple: I work hard, but I have not been able to make a lot of money, and improve my net worth. This book claims to be “A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance,” and I’m starting to believe!

The four laws are Tithing, Goal-setting, Forgiveness, and Divine Purpose. The author has a lot to say about these, and some concrete steps for each. I am about halfway through the book, and already I see results. I am so excited to understand what the most successful people seem to know either intuitively, or as as result of their experience and reading.

I think the biggest lesson I have taken so far, is that I’m not here to sell something for money, but rather to serve people. Yes, I offer a service, and it’s a valuable one, but it’s the spirit with which I communicate that matters. I have a smile on my face because I want to bring positive energy to everyone I meet. If they are too busy, I understand. If they have a need, it’s my job to find out what it is, and see if there’s a way to fulfill that need and get paid for it.

As you consider your sales week, think about how your clients and prospects sense your attitude, and your commitment to them. It could make a difference. And by all means, pick up the book–it’s a winner!